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Purpose of “Kiss My Curves”

As Mississippi’s 1st Official Aerial Arts Competition, “Kiss My Curves” was created to applaud, support and recognize the Plus-Sized Athlete for her power, progression and passion of pole dance fitness.  As we uphold our motto is: "Every Woman Is Size Sexy", we use this event as a platform for all women to embrace self-love mentally, emotionally and physically. 

“Kiss My Curves” and You

In our efforts to create a successful, memorable and ever growing event, we are reaching out to your business/organization in hopes of your support! Kiss My Curves wants to team up with you to deliver an event everyone will remember forever.  As a contributor, not only are you lending a hand in the success of this event, but you are also endorsing women empowerment and strength! Our featured performers, competitors, professional instructors and judging panel will bring an extreme following of studios, friends, families and social media networks in attendance. With the association of our social & mass media networks, your brand will be exposed to the world!


How to Join “Kiss My Curves”

“Kiss My Curves” Plus-Size Pole Competition is striving to be an interactive and rewarding experience for all those participating and attending. We appreciate any and all forms of donations. Whether your company would like to grant us media coverage, monetary donations, goods and/or services we welcome your commitment.



Only 1 Available

  • Event Marketed at "Kiss My Curves presented by Company Name".

  • Featured on Website, Flyer and Step & Repeat

  • Name listed on staff attire

  • Vendor Table/Banner Display (if applicable)

  • 60-second Video Advertisement 

  • Product in Swag Bag                          

  • Picture with All Winners

  • Picture w/Overall Winner ~ Queen Diva

  • VIP Priority Seating (6 Tickets)

  • Honorable Mentions During Show (4x)

  • Honorable Social Media Mentions 



Only 4 Available

  • Featured on Event Website

  • 15-second Video Advertisement 

  • Product in Swag Bag 

  • Priority Seating (2 Tickets)

  • Honorable Mentions During Show (2x)



Only 2 Available

  • Featured on Event Website & Flyer

  • Featured on Official Step & Repeat

  • Free Banner Display

  • 30-second Video Advertisement 

  • Product in Swag Bag

  • Picture with All 1st Place Winners

  • VIP Priority Seating (4 Tickets)

  • Honorable Mentions During Show (3x)

  • Honorable Social Media Mentions 



Only 10 Available

  • Featured on Event Website

  • Logo Featured in Intermission Video 

  • Product in Swag Bag 

  • Priority Seating (1 Tickets)

  • Honorable Mentions During Show (1x)



  • To be featured on any primary marketing (Website/Flyers/Step & Repeat, etc.); you Sponsorship Package must be purchased prior to June 1st.  

  • Video Clips for Advertisement must be RECEIVED by June 30th. 

  • Any products being provided for Swag Bags must be RECEIVED by June 30th. 



Only 1 Available

  • Featured on Website and Flyer

  • Name listed on staff attire

  • Product in Swag Bag                          

  • Honorable Mentions During Event - Before & After Each Division (10x)

  • Honorable Social Media Mentions 



Up to 15 Available 

  • Retail Value of $50 or More per Prize

  • Featured on Event Website

  • Category Awards will be announced as “Presented by Company Name”

  • Picture with All Winners in Division/Category selected

    • 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Winner in each Category.

    • Five (5) Specialty Award Categories

    • Seven (7) 1st Place Divisional Winners

    • One (1) Overall Competition Winner

  • No samples, coupons or similar unless provided in addition to actual products.

  • Prize sponsor may assign prizes to a specific category (i.e. giving away a pair of heels or Gift Card to the Queen Diva Overall Winner), or leave distribution up to organizer.

  • Prizes must be RECEIVED by June 30th

$50 Value

Swag Bag Partner - In-Kind

Only 4 Available

  • Featured on Event Website

  • Must provide products and/or coupons for VIP and competitors swag bags.

  • Minimums are as follows: 25 VIPs, 30 Pole Division participants, 10 Non-Pole Division participants, and 5 Judges/Host

  • Gift bags with all contents will be photographed and shared to the event’s social media channels, and competitors also take pictures and tag sponsors on social media.

  • Honorable Mentions During Show (2x)

  • Product & Coupons MUST be received between June 1st and June 30th.

  • If providing items for General Attendee, we estimate 150 - 250 product items will be needed. 




Only 2 Available

  • (1) 5ft. Table with (2) Chairs in lobby area of competition space 

  • Featured on Website 

  • Honorable Mentions During Show (2x)

  • Honorable Social Media Mentions 

  • Product in Swag Bag       

  • Option to offer Give-A-Ways for general guests

$100 - No Power

$150 - With Power


Up to 10 Available 

  • Support your student or friend with a  Congratulatory Video Message to be played right after the Competitors Performance

  • Option of 15 or 30 Second Video

  • Studio Logo listed as event Supporter on Event Website

  • Honorable Mentions During Show 

$45 - 15 Second Video

$75 - 30 Second Video

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